Guide to Buying a Pressure Washer!

At the time of cleaning, whether a small or large area, we can opt for two alternatives, the first is the manual, which is slow, expensive and above all consumes a lot of time. However, there are other options, such as the one that tries to automate, as much as possible, these processes.

To clean a small or large surface, the best is a pressure washer. The water cleaners allow you to wipe these surfaces with water quickly and efficiently. In this complete guide we will give you the best tips to know how to buy a washer, in which you have to fix and, in this way, you will not spend the money to the dumb.

Stay with us and learn all about water cleaners!

What is and what is a water cleaner used for?

The concept of what a power washer is simpler than we think. A washer is just a pressurized water machine. This machine stores low pressure water and then drives it at high pressure thanks to a pump placed inside it.

In this way, being able to expel water at high pressures, is ideal to be able to clean, hence the name of a water tank. Washing with water under pressure is much more effective than it seems, since, on many occasions, depending on whether the water is cold or hot, we can remove debris from dirt that many times we can not clean manually. Therefore, a pressure washer is ideal to remove the most resistant dirt.

As we can see, the concept of the water cooler is not complicated to understand. It is a pressure washer from the water.

Characteristics of a pressure washer

 What characterizes the pressure washer is its great capacity of cleaning of practically anything that we can imagine. Thanks to this pressurized water machine, we can clean things like kitchen tiles with a lot of greases, the body of our car, the carpets of our house, and even the crystals. But not only is it limited to these elements, but we can clean much more if we have a pressurized water machine.

And is that these elements are very complicated to clean if done by hand. Of course, we can clean them with our own water-based hands, but it will take a lot of effort and, above all, a lot of time. With a pressure washer, this work is simplified. And not only this but also the results are notably better, more professional.

The pressure washer works with both cold water and hot water so that we can set the temperature we want depending on what we want to wash. For example, washing tiles or greased panes will require hot water, while washing our car will suffice to use cold water. Even so, it must be taken into account that using the hot water in a water cooler requires that they have to be connected to a stream of hot water, in such a way that it can be expelled at high speed. In many cases, the pressure washer can only expel cold water; they do not have the ability to heat the water inside, although there are always exceptions so that we could find hot water washer cleaners. Therefore, to wash with hot water,

Types of pressure washer or pressure washer

There are many types of pressure washer. Next, we’ll show you the different classifications we can do about pressure water machines. We can classify them basically into two groups, one depending on the fuel or power source they use, and another based on the type of water temperature they can expel.

Gasoline washer cleaners

Gasoline cleaners, as we can imagine, operate on this type of fuel. This means that we will have to supply our water heater with gas if we want it to work. Making an important qualification regarding the gas pressure washer is necessary. And it is that we can not supply a gasoline oil cleaner with diesel or diesel, as we would risk endangering the engine of the pressure washer.

In this way, its operation is quite similar to that of a vehicle that runs on gasoline. We can supply the water tank with gasoline so that it can work, but we can not supply it with another type of fuel. Otherwise, we could spoil the engine. Thus, we can also find pressurized water machines that consume more or less fuel.

The main characteristic of the gasoline washer is that, when fueled by this type of fuel, we will have to supply it from time to time. This implies that we have to be careful to always have a drum or a gas bottle on hand to feed the washer. This can be quite a surprise because if we are using the pressure washer and it runs out of gas, but we can not have immediate access to the gasoline needed to power the washer, we will have to stop using it.

However, the truth is that gasoline can be cheaper than electricity, depending on the use we give our water heater. If we are people who use the pressure washer quite often, we may find it more profitable to buy one that works with gasoline. Otherwise, we would have to recharge it with electricity too often, which would have a great impact on The invoice of light. On the other hand, if we are people who use the pressurized water machine infrequently, the best alternative would be to purchase an electric or autonomous pressure washer.

Electric or Autonomous Pressure Washer

The electric or autonomous pressure washer operate unlike the previous ones, that is to say, without gasoline or any other type of fuel. We will simply find inside a battery which will be recharged by the electricity we can supply through a power outlet. Here are some of the best electric pressure washer in 2017.

The main feature of having a power washer that feeds on electricity is the ease of charging that exists around them. Nowadays we all have a power outlet in our homes, in such a way that the electric water heater or the autonomous water heater can be recharged in a fairly simple way anywhere. We just need a power outlet to plug it in.

The downside is that due to the economic situation we are currently experiencing, electricity has become quite costly enough, so recharging a pressure washer through electricity, especially if we give it enough use, can be Something that we get expensive.

In this way, if we do not use the water heater very often, the best alternative is to buy an electric water pressure machine, because with a single charge we can clean what we need to perfectly. On the other hand, if we use it very often, perhaps the smartest idea is to buy a pressure washer that feeds on other types of fuel, such as gasoline otherwise the light bill can get more expensive. According to the experts at, if we can afford these types of costs, an electric water heater will always be the best alternative, since we will not have to be aware of having to buy the fuel needed for the pressure washer to work, but simply connect it to the power To recharge it.

Cold Water Cleaners 

The cold water pressure cleaners are those that expel water under pressure, which is cold. This means that by themselves they will not be able to expel hot water since they have been specially designed to only expel cold water. This does not mean, however, that its use is worse than that of a hot water washer, but, of course, it has other uses.

Whether you use the pressure washer professionally, and use it for personal use, with a cold pressurized water machine you can wash all those things that do not require the use of hot water. For example, the cold water washer is ideal for cleaning the car or other surfaces that do not have a dirt too hard to remove, but a dirt that would cost too much time and effort to eliminate.

So what sets a cold water cooler off a hot water cooler is what we can use it for, and that does not mean that one is better or worse than the other.

 Hot Water Cleaners

A hot water washer is a pressure washer that expels water under pressure which is hot. A hot water washer will allow us to remove the most difficult dirt from some surfaces, but its use is completely replaceable by a cold water washer for other types of dirt less complicated to eliminate.

In this way, a hot pressurized water washer is ideal for cleaning carpets or to remove other dirt like grease from our tiles, floors or glass. The temperature of the water and the pressure to which it is expelled by the pressurized water machine makes this type of stains or dirt can be eliminated in a simpler way so that we do not have to deal with them manually.

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