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Photograph of Washington Momument taken by a Team New York member.It’s been a long day, but after a quick meetup at The City College of New York, where both halves of our pod proudly stand, protected, and loaded onto flatbed trucks, we left in the morning and arrived in Washington D.C. Buy viagra in canada, in the afternoon.

Richard King greeted all nineteen teams during the opening reception after we completed registration. The teams enjoyed a sponsored buffet as they listened to the organizers detailing the rules of the competition, order viagra on internet. Buy viagra,
Today we also checked into our hotel, and discussed strategy quickly, canadian viagra. Buy viagra on internet, Some of us are heading to the site tonight- assembly begins at 11 pm, so we need to get our jacks, approved viagra pharmacy, Viagra buy drug, shims, and space frame assembled, order viagra no prescription required.

Others on our team will stay on the hotel and work on communication tasks, to keep our fans updated, and to catch up on rest after a busy day of travel and the instructive reception, buy viagra super active without prescription. Order viagra from canada,

Photograph of Solar Decathlon Director Richard King makes closing remarks. Photograph of three Team New York members at dinner table.

UPDATE: A team photo was also posted on the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon blog, viagra online without a prescription. Buy cheap viagra online, Photograph of Team New York at the all-team meeting.

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